CEH: Reconnaissance / Footprinting

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The second module of Pluralsights Ethical Hacking course is reconnaissance and footprinting. This module is focused on information gathering about the “target” and finding out as much as you can about it. You accomplish this via reconnaissance/footprinting, this is the initial stage in gaining a blueprint of the security profile of a target, and it is accomplished in an organised … Read More

CEH: Setting Up A Virtual Lab

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This post refers to the following Video’s on the Understanding Ethical Hacking module about setting up a virtual lab: Video 3: How to build a lab to hack safely Video 4: Installing and Configuring Your Windows Server VMs Video 5: Installing and Configuring Your Desktop VMs To see all posts about the ethical hacking course on pluralsight, click here As you … Read More

CEH: Understanding Ethical Hacking

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Pluralsights 1st course or ‘module’ as I will refer to them, in the Certified Ethical Hacking path, titled Understanding Ethical Hacking, starts off with understanding what ethical hacking is and how you can use it to secure your network. The author, Dale Meredith presents this module with a cringe inducing attempt at comedy which I suppose may ‘lighten’ the load for … Read More

Pluralsight Path: Ethical Hacking

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Description Welcome to the world of ethical hacking. This series will teach you the basic concepts, techniques, concerns, tools and technologies involved in ethical hacking. The courses in this path are aligned to v9. Prerequisites This material is meant to be entry-level, but you should have a strong understanding in TCP/IP and operating systems, with at least one year of … Read More

PowerShell Fix for Windows 7 Disappearing Icons

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Ever looked down to the clock in Windows and noticed some of your icons have disappeared? PowerShell can save the day………….well if your day revolves around your task bar that is! To reinitialise the task bar icons, simply copy and paste the following lines one at a time into a PowerShell window: Remove-ItemProperty -Name ‘IconStreams’ -Path ‘HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify’ Remove-ItemProperty -Name … Read More